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Plate-pressing group slide on brackets and pre-charged sliding-sholes with ball circulation speed and supporting bars and radial and circular axial adjustment and orientation device.
Speed and pushing-pressure regulator.
Interchangeable roller (a normal supply implies a conical steel execution). Electrical stroke-end devices.

Slides are protected by metallic telescopic coverings.

The roller-flange is made so that it can support the mounting of 6 tools equipped with 2 straight brackets and 2 sloped brackets.

Hydraulic tool to balance disks with micro-metric adjustment, 50 mm stroke.

Hydraulic counterpoint with double positioning support for a higher adaptability.

Proportional high-sensitivity reactive joystick to be used manually or during the self-learning process.

X-Z axis The movements of the two carts are protected by some safety stroke-end devices which come into action in case the device does not stop.
On the cross-cart there is a compensation device which allows the tool to constantly follow the die with charge values set by CN.

Pan plate-pressing to support the disk during the manufacturing of details even in small spaces. The pre-trimming tool-holder device keeps the roundness of
the piece during the manufacturing and determines its length or final diameter.