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Control: Num, Fanuc, Siemens,

Hardware: Industrial Pc, Intel Penthium Processor, High capacity mass storage devices

Based on Microsoft Windows
Intuitive and versatile, it does not need any particular technical or computer science experiences. No deadlocks between different production steps. Immediate passage between a new programme and serial production.

Turning processes

- Direct programming
- Self-learning programme for the die’s trimming.

The CNC, using a key with pre-defined interval measurement cycles and the introduction of essential data, carries out automatically the turning programme
Self-learning programme for the manufacturing.

The operator uses an analogic joystick to carry out all the movements needed to build the piece. The dynamic software stroke-end device prevents the template from breaking down at the bottom if a wrong manoeuvre is carried out.
During the working, the CNC will record the axles position at intervals of 10 msec.


The working can be carried out simply by processing the files which have been created during previous workings.